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on a site with uploaders abusing the hell out of tags, THANK YOU for putting "A GameBoy Color Platform game."

I loved that so much!!!

Thank you very much, we continue working on this game, new original music is being created for it.

Nice game !

Thanks for the video, there will be more news soon.

Pretty awesome. Competent work. Good work

Thank you for your kind words! We're glad that you think our work is competent and we appreciate your support. We'll keep working hard to make the game even better. Thanks for playing!

This is great! Love the gaining and losing armour, has that Altered Beast/Ghost & Goblins touch, and plays like a really cool GBC Shinobi. Great work


Thank you so much! I'm thrilled that you are enjoying the game and appreciate your feedback. We were definitely inspired by classic games like Ninja Gaiden and Ghosts & Goblins, and we're glad to hear that the gameplay has a cool Shinobi vibe. Thanks for playing and sharing your thoughts!

Oh man, this is looking slick!  I love it!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it! We are working hard to bring a great gaming experience.

This game shows a lot of talent, and is so far one of the best GB homebrew titles out there, so I think moving in this direction away from the licenced property it was based on is a great idea. Looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Thank you very much. It was an interesting decision to want to take advantage of the already created game. The project is progressing very well and is becoming something totally different from the original fangame. I really hope you like this new project.

A decir verdad, esto me recuerda a los cambios de Contra a Probotector, o Hiryu No Ken a Flying Warriors, y eso es lo que lo hace interesante XD. Cuando salga le echaré un vistazo. 

Justamente, la idea es utilizar el motor base, pero adaptarlo a esta nueva aventura. Espero también quieras probarlo y pases un buen momento justo como el con el juego anterior. 

súper genial!


¡Gracias! espero este nuevo proyecto sea tan genial o mejor que el pasado.